RESTORATION (see photo above)

We all have them.  Photos that have sustained some sort of damage. Whether they are color faded, torn, scratched, portions missing  or just neglected, they can be brought back to life.  Click on the RESTORATION button below to see my Before & After examples, then let's talk.



Making good photos and portraits great by fixing imperfections, modifying shadows and highlights, restoring or changing color, sharpening or blurring, reshaping, removing unwanted objects (ex spouses) and many other post processing methods. Click  on the RETOUCHING button below to see my Before and After examples.   



Composites are portions of 2 or more photos that have been combined to create a new image. They can be realistic, edgy or fantasy.  Only our  imagination limits the possibilities.  Let's create some fun or serious images which are made up of elements that are important to you.  This includes your hobbies or business.  Click on the COMPOSITES button below to see examples.  I've included  the various images that make up each composite and the final result.